Providing a quality educational experience, inspired by the Montessori approach, for children farthest from resources.

Providing a quality educational experience, inspired by the Montessori approach, for children farthest from resources.


Message from the President: Our Commitment to Equity

Dr. Pamela K. Harris
President and CEO
Mile High Early Learning

Mile High Early Learning strives to fulfill our vision–to joyfully welcome everyone into our learning community, prioritize equity, and find strength in diversity. As we have seen and experienced, the world we live in does not reflect these same values.

Our mission at MHEL is to cultivate every child’s potential. Our children are observing us and acting upon what they see. We know that they recognize unequal treatment based on skin color by age 2; demonstrate social bias by age 3; and recognize and act against racial injustice by ages 4 and 5. Our children and families come from 18 different countries and speak 30 different languages. We have committed in our work to deepen our understanding of race and diversity and to call out and act when we see racism and injustice so that all of our children will thrive.

Part of our work extends beyond the classroom. It’s speaking up when we see racism. It’s advocating for changes in laws and policies that ignore these institutional barriers. It’s making others listen when they want to walk away.

We do not yet live in a world where everyone is treated equally. We do not yet live in a world where the color of your skin doesn’t limit your destiny. Together we need to create the world where we want to live.

Mile High Early Learning News


As we celebrate the past 50 years providing services to children farthest from resources, we also envision what is possible for the next 50 years. Our 2022 strategic framework, which was adopted by our Board of Directors in June 2022, is the product of hundreds of hours gathering the thoughts, ideas, and dreams of Mile High Early Learning families, staff, and key stakeholders. Our Initiatives are centered on three focus areas where Mile High Early Learning will prioritize its work for the next one to two years. Download our new strategic framework.



Congratulations to our President & CEO Dr. Pamela Harris for being named a 2022 Titan 100! The TITAN 100 program recognizes Colorado’s Top 100 CEOs & C-level executives. They are the area’s most accomplished leaders in their industry using criteria that include demonstrating exceptional leadership, vision, and passion. Learn more at



Mile High Early Learning has been awarded The Succeeds Prize in Early Childhood Education! On August 18, 2021, Colorado Succeeds announced six winners of The Succeeds Prize, the most prestigious award for Colorado educators honoring transformational impact being led across the state. The Succeeds Prize also serves as a year-long campaign to implement and scale successful innovations and best practices, so every student in Colorado can benefit. View the press release! And watch the 9NEWS profile of Mile High Early Learning!


Mile High Early Learning is a 2021 Gallagher Best-in-Class employer! This award recognizes Mile High Early Learning’s commitment to supporting better employee well-being and building a resilient organizational culture. You can learn more about what it means to be Best-in-Class at



Colorado Public Radio’s series, “The Workforce Behind the Workforce,” focuses on shortages throughout the state’s early care and education system. Through six installments, Jenny Brundin highlights several innovative programs supported by Mile High Early Learning and other early childhood programs. The series aired in January and February and has been featured nationally on NPR’s Here & Now. Read and listen now!


We’re excited to introduce the Mile High Early Learning Cookbook! Download your copy today and check out some of our favorite recipes. The cookbook is also available in Spanish!




Our Mission and Vision for Equity

Mile High Early Learning ensures all children thrive by cultivating every child’s potential, engaging families, and championing our early learning workforce. 

Mile High Early Learning’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is deeply embedded in our work. Our vision through all of our programming is that children, families, and staff of all racial, cultural, economic, and social backgrounds are joyfully welcomed into a learning community that prioritizes equity and finds strength in diversity.


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